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9 Panel Sublimation Throw 60X40

9 Panel Sublimation Throw 60X40

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9 panel Sublimation Panel High Quality Blanket Throw.
Makes a Great Gift!!!
These sublimation throws will make the perfect gift to warm up those cold winter nights on the couch or for keeping warm while out at the park watching your favorite sports team.
Personalize them with a logo, mascot, or a collage of special photos for a unique gift for loved ones.100% plush velvet throws are beautiful to the touch and feature 9 printable panels that can be easily personalized with a heat transfer machine.
The outer edges of the throw are finished with two different colored side fringes (white and black) that gives it a true blanket feel. The backside is a SOFT BLACK VELOUR. Approximately 60″ x 40″, each panel size varies

Care Instructions

Please note that each Heat Press is different. We highly recommend that a Heat Press is used, not an iron or "Easy Press", due to the high temperature and pressure needed.

Most items are 400°F (204°C) for 60 seconds at low-medium pressure. But this may vary.

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